lunedì 16 maggio 2011

Festina Electric Party

Electric Party domani 17 maggio dalle ore 20,00 per inaugurare il nuovo padiglione di Villa Romana a Firenze. Progettato da AVATAR ARCHITETTURA, questa opera di architettura temporanea è realizzata con pallets in legno e copertura di pvc.
L'Electric Party segue l'Open Program del “Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards”. Dj WJM - Sistemi Audiofobici Burp - funky soul colonial punka style. Deva Wolfram - Piante selvatiche.
Questo Open Program ha emozionato Festina l'anno scorso all'Istituo Francese, leggi qui>>Link

Ed ecco la intro all'evento di domani:
“Can a party be a form of art? Electric Party is a stream of dramatic elements – songs, rhythm, dance, poetry – that emerge from a seemingly casual atmosphere, a party in which the poetic word intersects with the present circumstances in which we are living. This experiment in artistic contact explores the edges of theatrical and social behavior, and plays with the sometimes ambiguous division between them. Electric Party is an articulated game that unfolds throughout the night: songs, poems, dances and actions appear and disappear without resolution, continually playing with the rhythms of the party, riding its waves. While the guests eat, socialize, drink and dance, the gathering arrives to moments of high intensity through structured and precise sequences of action performed by the Open Program team. Come join us at Villa Romana in Florence. Please bring with you an offering to the Party something to drink or eat of.”
Open Program
Il sito di Villa Romana>>Link