martedì 17 gennaio 2012

Festina Bar Hop in Florence

All this may seem obvious to all the florentina viveurs, but today I want to go back to the basics and give some tips to those who don't know Florence well and want to get to know the city better, especially "by night". So here is a list of non-touristy places where you can "Bar hop" and "Bar Crawl" 'til you drop!
In the center, I would suggest the Oltrarno part of town (The name means beyond the Arno and is located south of the River Arno). From 10 pm, this quarter comes to life. Let's start in the street of Borgo San Frediano where the two venues NOF Notte Fiorentina and La Citè face each other and offer a wide array of activities: swing dancing, rocketing djsets, concerts and indoor circus (yes, circus!) shows. The closeness of these two "cafè/bar/nightclubs" reminds me of certain tales from the '80s, even though they are so different from one another.
Continuing our treasure hunt, our next step could be the cafè Volume in the square of Santo Spirito. I have a feeling that this has been and will be THE hub of many in this freezing 2011/2012 winter season. The walls of this fascinating cultural Cafè are covered with obsolete objects from its past: it used to be the workshop of the Bini brothers, hatters d'excellence. Hat models carved in wood and engraved shapes of all kinds shine in the light of what the place has become today: a cozy and lively meeting spot.

So…how would you continue our fantastic journey through the wonders of Florence nightlife?

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